Top 9 Ways for Gaining Muscle 2021

Top 9 Ways for Gaining Muscle 2021

How to Gain Muscles ?

Gaining muscles require a lot of patience and hard work. But if you know the right tactics, you can achieve your goal quickly. Resistance training and lifting weights have been working best to grow muscles.

No one likes to wait for an extended period when it comes to muscle building. But if you are not seeing any results even after months of training, you are not following some crucial steps for growing muscles. You need to change or modify your approach.

 Muscle Hypertrophy(also termed for the scientific term for growing muscles) is a progressive overload approach in reps and sets in resistance training and weight lifting. With muscle hypertrophy, eventually, your muscle fiber is increased, which is responsible for more muscles. With consistent and intense workouts, power gets bigger and stronger over time.

Here are some 10 ways from which I will start getting results and build muscles.

Proven ways of building muscles

Top 9 Ways to Gain Muscles

1. Increase training volume and Tire Muscles-

Increase your training volume with medium intensity. The reps and sets are volume and intensity is weight you lift.

Train your muscles until you are tired and your muscles are fatigued. Tire your muscle as much as you could, that will help to build new tissues for your muscle. Push your exercise until your “failure”.

For gaining or building muscles, you should train heavy and also take care of muscle mind connection while training heavy. If you lose connection, the hard work is going to pay only 50%.

2. Do not skip Casein Before Bed

Casein is very popular among famous bodybuilders. Because of it’s slow digesting property in sleep too. It keeps providing required amino acids to the body which is responsible for repairing broken muscle cells over the night. As whey protein or plant protein couldn’t perform this functionality of casein.

Researchers have shown that taking casein before bed has increased more muscles in a body, rather than those who are not consuming casein.

You can also try casein rich food like milk, yogurt or cottage cheese (paneer). You can also try casein supplements, if you are looking for quick muscle growth and recovery.

3. Eat Every three Hours

Eating with a proper diet plan at the right time will be beneficial to grow your muscle mass. Muscles need nutrition every hour to build broken tissues, which helps to grow muscle size.

You should continue your breakfast, lunch and dinner at a fixed time every day, and in between them you can add one more meal in each gap.

Do not forget to add protein of 15-20 g in each meal- that is in every three hours.

Eating every three hours will not make you hungry and will stop you from going for unhealthy snacks to calm down your cravings.

4. More Sleep

More Sleep is essential for muscle recovery. The required sleep is between 7-9 hours per night, for a good recovery process.

Maximum part of your recovery process is being done in your sleep, this is the time when your body produces Human Growth Hormone, which is responsible for building muscles and recovery of broken tissues.

It is also recommended to sleep in a fixed schedule of time, to make your body familiar with your routine. So, that it could work like that. A fixed schedule with proper sleep hours will help to boost up testosterone levels and higher recovery process with 11-15%.

5. Creatine Supplementation

If you’re serious about achieving your goals for muscle building with some quite good results in a short span of time, you can try creatine supplements. Daily 3-5 g dosage is good for muscle endurance and intensity for workout. You can train harder than your normal days, with creatine supplementation.

Researches have shown that creatine could help you to lift 15% more reps than usual, at the time of training. Suggest to consume creatine with a Pre-workout meal to get faster results.

Best variant that is suggested to take, is creatine monohydrate; which innovates best muscle growth.

6. Drink Something before workout (Pre-Workout Meal)

Have some carbohydrates and protein before 30-60 minutes of workout. It is suggested to have meals in drink form with amino acids, which helps in increasing protein synthesis in the body during workout.

You can also go for some healthy protein sandwich but liquid meal likely to absorb faster before workout, shakes are preferred.

The suggested protein intake before workout is 15-20 g with 5-6 g of amino acid. Can also add creatine of 4 g to make your workout more intense.

7.  Calories Intake

Calorie intake should be more than usual, up to 300-500 calories extra per day.

For building muscles, a calorie surplus is required in the body. It doesn’t matter how much protein you eat; muscle size does not increase in a calorie deficit. For growing muscles, your body should create new tissues in which calorie surplus is required.

In calorie deficit- your body does not use your food for building muscles. The body’s priority is to provide you energy for your daily routine; muscle building comes at second priority, for which calorie surplus is required.

Have a calorie surplus diet with protein-rich foods, which helps store 46% of calories in muscles. And high calories but low-protein diet stories about 96% of calories as fat. But most people ignore the fact, for growing muscles, they need a calorie surplus protein-rich diet.

8. Normalize your training every alternate day

It has been suggested not to go hard always in training sessions. Your body needs some rest too, to grow and recover your muscles. Training heavy every day would lead to less muscle growth, no chance to repair damaged cells.

Avoid training heavy for 7 days a week in a streak. As muscles would always be in fatigue mode which leads to extensively less recovery.

9­. Keep focus on muscle building

Do not prioritize any other sport activity in comparison to muscle building.

You can definitely mix cardio and muscle building together. But you should lift weights more compared to cardio. Focus on your training, form, muscle-mind connection and proper protein-rich diet (calorie surplus).9­. Keep focus on muscle building

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