How to Eat Soya Chunks for Bodybuilding | Soya Chunks Calories

How to Eat Soya Chunks for Bodybuilding | Soya Chunks Calories

You will get to know everything about Soya Chunks. Do they really increase estrogen level in body or just rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Soya to a vegetarian is like, how chicken is for non-vegetarians. One can easily add to his or her diet very easily and can consume every other day. These are 100% natural and Fssai Approved. We have written a detailed article about Soya Chunks below.

How Soya Chunks are Made

Soya Chunks are made from the Soya Flour after extracting the oil from it. The rough structure is leftover after removing the oil. The Soya Chunks will be soft and spongy if you put them into the warm water or gravy.

Soya Chunks are tasty in eating they are chewy. Soya Chunks have got similar nutritional value as compared to non-vegetarian foods, it’s an healthy alternative of meat for vegetarians.

Soya chunks are rich source of protein and also cheap as compared to other protein diets, if you’re facing deficiency in your protein then you can consider adding this to your diet. It has got all the essential source of amino acids in it.

Soya Chunks Nutrition

Soya Chunks are a rich source of Protein and fiber. It has got polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids in it.  They are very rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and other minerals.

Soya Chunks Nutritional Value per 100g (uncooked)

Soya Chunks Calories: 352

Protein in 100gm soya chunks: 52gm

Dietary fibre: 13gm

Fat: 0.5gm

Carbohydrates: 33gm

Soya chunks nutrition benefit: They dont provide any extra sodium or sugar to the body. 

Benefits of Soya Chunks

Soya chunks benefits, are show below. Try to read and enjoy the nutrition value.

  • Soya Chunks comes with the numerous benefits , they help to gain the muscle faster and helps to boost metabolism.
  • They are great for skin, hair and bone health. Soya Chunks are loaded with fibre, digests slowly in the system which helps to keep you full for longer period of time.
  •  High fibre, vitamins, minerals, isoflavones, and lecithin makes Soya valuable in prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, Constipation, High Cholesterol and protect heart from Ailments.
  • Soya Chunks helps in preventing excess fats from accumulating around the organs and helps to promote weight loss.
  • We can add some soya chunks in the diet of growing children , it provides vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. 

Things to avoid while having Soya Chunks

  • Eating too much Soya will increase the Estrogen level and Uric acid in body. Increase of Uric acid may damage the liver and start joint pain.
  • Various health problems might start such as water retention, weight gain, acne, bloating, etc.

How much Soya Chunks in a day for Male

The ideal quantity of soya chunks for a male is very important to maintain the hormones level in the body. If you are gym goer and eating soya every alternate day; then you should take care of quantity which you consume. 

The proper quantity helps to maintain the hormone balance in a male body. You can consume in between 20-25gm per day. This is, safe quantity to consume.

How to Eat Soya Chunks 

You can eat Soya in many ways, because they are versatile in nature. 

1. Soya Chunks by boiling: You can boil them and eat, if you are a gym goer person. It is considered to be good for your body. A quick and easy process of eating soya.  We can also eat by adding veggies with it.

2. Soya Chunks with rice: You can add boiled chunks in the cooked rice. Or you can prepare both the dishes at the same time also. Also known as Soya Chunks Pulav.

3. Soya Chunks Fry: You can quickly cook this dish. First you need to boil them before, then soak all the water. After that you can fry in pan with the Herbs.

Soya chunks fry, Soya chunks pulav

Soya Chunks for Weight Loss

We can add soya into our diet; if are following weight loss diet. Due to low in fat and carbs, soya creates a idle role in our body to cut out calories.

Soya contains fibre too, which help to make your gut full in smaller meals. You won’t feel hungry quickly after consuming soya because of richness in fibre content.

Soya Chunks Price

Price depends upon the brand, which we are purchasing from the market. Some of the famous brands are given below:

  1. Fortune Soya Chunks

2. Nutrela Soya Chunks

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