Giloy Ghanvati Benefits- Uses, How to Consume

Giloy Ghanvati Benefits- Uses, How to Consume

Giloy Ghanvati Benefits: From centuries Ayurvedic Remedies are being used to cure any kind of health problems from body. Ayurvedic Medicines are a complete a resource of nature. Treatment of Ayurvedic is considered to be one the natural form of healing in India and over the world.

According to Ayurveda, Giloy is one of the amrit plant, Amrit is known as nectar of god. Which helps to fight many health problems.

Giloy Ghanvati

Giloy Ghanvati is an Ayurvedic antipyretic herb. Because of it’s various health benefits Giloy is not being only used in ayurvedic herb but also used in Medicines. Giloy helps to increase the platelet count in dengue and also lower the chances of complications.  It improves immunity, digestion, recovery speed of platelet counts, fever, etc. Giloy root and stem both are filled with health benefits.

Giloy Ghanvati Benefits

  1. Corona Virus Infection- Doctors have said that you can have giloy to boost up your immune system which helps alot to fight against corona-virus infection. It is much recommended to have Giloy Ghanvati daily during this pandemic situation in all over world. Giloy is filled with natural herbs. It might not cure virus but it will build immunity to fight against it. You can take giloy juice 1-2 times a day for 3-5 weeks or more.
  1. Detoxification- Giloy helps to detoxify body by improving complexion and luster of your skin. The people who are suffering from skin Aliments can apply Giloy plant oil on the affected areas to cure.
  1. Improves Digestion- It’s very helpful to “cure digestion problems and control bowel movements”, also diarrhea, colitis, hyperacidity, etc. Also you can add some amla powder to giloy powder to get more quick results.
  1. Boost Immunity- Giloy Ghanvati helps to increase Vitality, and improves the immune system of body. You can add Giloy twice to your diet for improve immunity. Giloy Ghanvati is rich in antioxidants and helps to throw toxic from body. It helps to detox skin and improve health of skin. Also beneficial for heart related problems, liver disease and infections in urinary tract.
  1. Control Sugar level of Blood- Giloy in Ayurveda is know as “Madhunashini” which means ‘sugar destroyer’. Giloy helps to promote insulin, which eventualy controls the blood sugar level.
  1. Improves Eye Sight- Giloy helps to improve your eye sight, you need to apply topically. First boil giloy powder or giloy leaves to the water, after cooling down apply over your eyes. Since, giloy ghanvati doesn’t have any side effects towards our health.
  1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety- Giloy ghanvati is a excellent source of adaptogenic herb, which helps to normalize your physiological function by maintaining stress and anxiety level. Giloy gives you calming effect on all over your body. It also have power to enhance memory and cognitive functions.
  1.  Giloy for dengue fever-  The antipretic herb is present in giloy. It helps to improve the platelet count in dengue and also lowers down the complications. Regular intake of giloy increases immunity and gives speedy recovery. For fast and better results boil Giloy with few tulsi leaves and drink, to boost platelet count in body.

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