Whey Protein Vs Creatine: Should we take both? How to Consume

Whey Protein Vs Creatine: Should we take both? How to Consume

Whey Protein Vs Creatine – Overview

You might have heard of both Creatine and whey protein. If you haven’t heard, we will help you in this article to get through this. It is known that these are the most popular bodybuilding supplements in the fitness industry. So if you’re looking for better results and serious about your efforts, then you should have proper knowledge about whey and Creatine.

How are they different from each other, and what is better, whey protein vs. Creatine? They are almost two separate supplements because both have their distinct role in the bodybuilding and athletes’ world. In simple words, whey protein works as a nutritional supplement and helps to fulfill protein content in the body in a concentrated form. On the other hand, Creatine performs a special role in enhancing performance, which helps to increase the energy level in the body. It also helps to do more intense and longer workouts; that’s why many athletes and gym-goers prefer Creatine for better and quicker results.

Whey protein vs creatine and whey versus creatine

Creatine – ATP Booster

Creatine ingredients are arginine, glycine, and methionine. Creatine is naturally present in our body muscle cells produced by the liver, kidney, and pancreas. It is triggered when we are doing heavy workouts or training.

Creatine produces ATP levels in muscle cells plays a major role in giving enhanced energy during the workout.

Creatine supplement is used when we are looking for a better and high level of training. It helps you for building more muscle mass and strength over time.

The loading phase (link) helps you store Creatine in your biological cells by transforming it into phosphocreatine, which is used for the next training.

Whey Protein

Whey protein powder is the powder form of milk made by leftover milk while making cheese. Protein supplement helps you to recover muscle cells quickly after a workout; it absorbs faster in the body.

Whey protein contains all nine essential Amino Acids that are much needed in a training session and daily routine too, and couldn’t be produced naturally inside the body; they are obtained with food.

Whey is also loved by many bodybuilders and normal lifters for more lean muscle gains in the body.

Protein Supplementation (Whey) is also rich in BCAAs (Branded Chain Amino Acids). These are rich in their biological value, which helps to digest quickly than other Proteins in the market. Therefore, it is very famous among millions of people across the whole world.

Creatine or Whey

Whey Protein Vs Creatine Difference

The main difference between Creatine and Whey Protein is the chemical ingredients of these two supplements. Creatine is a derivative of amino acids profile. Therefore, it is not the source of complete Protein but is filled with biochemical components, which helps to gain muscle and helps to increase protein consumption in the body. In addition, it works as muscle protein synthesis, which is an essential chemical feature. Therefore, it performs a special role in putting up muscle and boosting real gain from workouts and training.

Whey protein is known as a complete protein source. It’s rich in amino acid value and contains all the amino acids required for muscle growth. It also helps to perform various metabolic functions, which help to increase muscle growth;

Should we consume Creatine and Whey Protein together?

Whey Protein Vs Creatine can be consumed together. However, both play a different role in muscle building. During your resistance training, taking Creatine and whey protein together could achieve more muscle mass than usual. Creatine is best for ATP generators and providing essential amino acids to the body.

A study has proved that taking whey protein or Creatine only has increased their squat strength.

And a group of people who are taking Whey Protein Vs Creatine supplements tends to have better lifting of weights in the bench press.

You can consume Whey Protein Vs Creatine supplements together, as there is no such side effect. However, it is suggested to consume Creatine before one hour of workout; it takes time to digest, which helps to give you energy throughout the training with high intensity. Whey protein digest quickly, so it is preferred to take after workout as Post Workout tends to help soon recover.

As you have seen, uses of both supplements; Whey Vs. Creatine. It would be good to go approach by taking both supplements separately, Creatine an hour before workout and Protein after completion of the training.

Creatine and whey

Recommended Dosage of Whey Protein and Creatine

Whey protein dosage should be taken as per recommendations. It is very easy to consume; mix it with water and have it. But some precautions should be followed; consuming more than 1-2 scoops a day might face digestion problems. It might get off your body without being absorbed. Another Whey Protein Vs Creatine Differentiation below.

Creatine dosage should be 3-5 g per day, before a workout as suggested, for better-intense activity.

If need quick gains in muscle mass, can start creatine loading phase(link). Start taking 15-20 g of Creatine per day for 5-6 days. After that, you should divide per day dosage into 3-4 times by 5 g of Creatine, which helps absorb better and does not make you feel bloated.

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