Health Benefits of Casein | Types of Casein | Side effects 2021

Health Benefits of Casein | Types of Casein | Side effects 2021

Casein Protein supplement is in demand because of it’s slow digesting element inside body. Casein is rich in amino acid profile, tends to have a slow releasing of amino acid into body.Preferably it is suggested to take casein protein before bed. Protein absorption of relatively slow as compared to whey protein.

In sleep your body keep getting essential nutrients, which is beneficial for muscle recovery.

Researchers have shown other major benefit of casein supplement is to boost muscle growth.

Casein benefits

Benefits of Casein Protein

1.  Highly Effective for Muscle Growth

Casein supplements are relatively popular among bodybuilders and athletes for a long period of time.

Casein protein is considered to be a dairy product, because it’s mainly obtained from cow’s milk. It is a rich source of amino acid profile.

Casein tends to have a higher leucine, responsible for protein synthesis in muscle cells.

In sleep, the human body produces a human growth hormone, which helps to build and repair damaged cells for muscle growth. Casein helps to fulfill this role inside the body, by synthesizing protein overnight with slow digestive property. Builds lean muscle and enhances muscle recovery.

2. Teeth health

Dairy products which are rich in calcium help to improve the teeth health, as casein is derived from the cow’s milk.

Casein helps to reduce acid enamel erosion and damage to teeth. Also prevents tooth decay and keeps away from bacteria.

If you like to drink sweet drinks like soft drinks and shakes, you can add casein in your diet which helps to prevent tooth decay and bacteria.

3. Better Recovery

Going to gym on a regular basis and not being able to recover the damaged muscle cells fully, then you’re probably doing double hard work to achieve results.

For increasing muscle size muscle cells need to be repaired properly in a span of time, for better recovery and results. Casein helps to recover muscle cells properly, if taken before bed. When we sleep we need some protein to Work on our growth hormone and also for repairing damaged muscle cells, casein fulfills all of it.

Amino acid and protein synthesis get started with a slow process to work on muscles overnight.

One benefit for bodybuilders and athletes is that our body takes time to get fully recovered after exercise, our body needs protein availability every hour throughout the day. Casein helps to recover muscle and helps to maintain bigger muscle.

4. Fat Loss

When casine is consumed with whey protein in a proper calorie maintained manner. Both help to grow lean muscles and initiate fat loss in the body.

Protein intake has been beneficial for weight management, most of the research has shown this.

High protein diet helps to reduce carbohydrates and fats in your diet, if taken with a proper diet plan.

People who are struggling to lose weight can start casein protein in their daily diet, suggested before bed time at night.

5. Metabolic Rate

Metabolic rate increases in the body, if you intake 1-2 scoops of casein protein daily.

Researchers have shown that increased metabolic rate helps to aid fat loss.

Due to slow digestion of casein, it keeps you full for a longer period of time.

6. Colon Health 

Colon health is the best benefit of casein protein, no other protein could help to promote colon health except casein protein (dairy products). Various proteins have been tested before for colon health, but casein had been first among them. Casein supplement is highly recommended in your daily diet.

Two Types of Casein Protein are available-

1. Casein Hydrolysate- casein Hydrolysate is known for it’s quicker digestion and absorption in muscles. It is broken down partially which helps to pre digest and absorb rapidly.

 2. Micellar Casein- Micellar Casein is the most natural form of casein. Also it’s popular among weightlifters because it digests slowly.

Possible Side Effects of Casein-

As such no research has been found that protein intake does have any side effects on one’s health.

Oral use of casein has always been a safer medium for intake.

If a person’s suffering from kidney or liver disease, it is advised to limit the intake of protein up to 1-2 scoop per day. 

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