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Brown Bread known for it’s quality and also a good variety among breads. Every other country have their own method to process the making of brown bread. It’s made up with Whole Grain flour which is wheat and my also use Soya oil, coffee & caramel for it’s color. It retains nutritional value of wheat flour & fiber remain intact. The people who are more health curious can prefer the brown bread over the white bread. It comes in various forms like loaves, bread rolls and bread buns.  Always buy the fresh bread, you can choose the bread by its freshness, expiry date, packaging date & aroma of the bread.

It is known that natural dark colored food are rich in their nutritional value , antioxidants. They provides Fiber, Vitamin B & E, Protein, Manganese , Iron, Phosphorus , Potassium and Zinc. Whole wheat also helps to prevent breast cancer and heart disease because it contains Phytonutrient know as Plant lignans . Brown bread is full of health benefits you can add this to your daily diet but in calorie maintained manner.

Where to Store

Its better to store brown bread fresh and finish it off before retaining longer period of time. You can store in a cool and dry place with proper plastic cover over it, to avoid hardness over the bread. Also try to use as soon as possible.

Health benefits of Brown Bread

  •  If you’re aiming for weight loss then you should prefer brown bread because calories are maintained in the brown bread and should avoid the white bread. The brown bread also contains good amount of fiber in it, so it helps you to keep your stomach full over a longer period of time.
  • Brown bread compared to white flour contains higher amount of fiber because the wheat flour is not processed much , so it helps to retain its nutrition intact in it.
  • The fiber in the brown bread helps you to Lower down LDL cholesterol ( bad cholesterol ). The brown bread helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Brown bread also helps to reduce the anxiety level and also promotes sleep, if you eat a slice of bread before going to bed.

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