Pre Workouts- Amazing Benefits, Side Effects, When to Take 2021

What is Pre-Workout ?

Pre-Workouts supplements are those high quality dietary formulas which help to boost up your energy and improve the bodybuilding and athletic performance in your exercise. Pre-workouts have been getting popular over the coming span of time because many Bodybuilders and Athletes have been using social media, posting their workouts with proper information for their audience which is influencing them to go for Pre-Workout Supplements.

If one is facing any challenge towards his or her workout they can overcome it by taking Pre-workout Supplement as it provides instant energy and power to your muscle which could level up your training. The pre-workouts come in powder form which mixes instantly in the water and is consumed 30-50 minutes before workout.

The common ingredients which are added in Pre-workout supplement are Amino acids, caffeine, creatine, B vitamins and artificial added sugars. The quantity of ingredients vary from brand to brand only, you can check the profile of ingredients and quantity while buying.

Your glucose level tends to decrease during workout. Pre-workout helps to maintain your energy levels during workout. It has been said Pre-workout for pump is good/

You can easily find pre-workout at supplement stores, available in the form of powder and pills.

Benefits of Pre-workout

1.   Increase Athletic Performance

Pre workouts help to improve athletic performance while training. Provide high intensity during workout, you will be able to lift more weights than usual and for a longer period of time. Does not make your muscles fatigue quickly, overall improve stamina.

Give energy for a longer period of time in the gym, you likely burn more calories than usual and focus on building muscles.

If your supplement has creatine up to 3g in a drink. Helps you to lift more weights in a short period of time with high volume.

2.  Increases Energy Level

If you are dealing with a bad sleep schedule or having changes daily due to work. Also if you are not having good meals. If you are dealing with one of these, it would lead to low energy during workout.

To overcome these, pre-workout helps you to put 100% of your energy level towards workout and make it more intense.

3.  Fatigue level

When you are training muscle by lifting weights. It is generally seen that muscles get fatigued quickly, which makes you stop to give 100% towards your workouts.

Pre-workouts help you to boost up your energy levels for a longer period of time which prevents premature fatigue.

4.  Less Recovery Time between Exercise

High intensity reps and sets could lead to a high fatigue of muscles, leading to lifting less volume weights in further workout.

But pre-workout helps you to repair muscle cells in a quick time, helps you to train with high energy level and high intensity during workout.

Pre-Workout is Made of-

1.  Caffeine

Pre-Workout supplements contain high levels of caffeine. As caffeine helps you to keep more focused during workout with high energy levels.

There is 150-200 mg of caffeine in pre-workout. If you are sensitive with caffeine then it is recommended to limit your dosage.

2.  Amino Acids: Branded Chain Amino Acids(BCAA)

Amino acids help you to build lean muscle mass. BCAAs gives you a quick recovery process during your workout. It helps to grow muscle size effectively.

3.  L-Arginine

L-Arginine main function is to process protein synthesis. It is also referred to as Amino Acid. It helps to increase the blood flow and relax blood vessels with the help of nitric acid present in it. Responsible for good athletic performance and improvement in lifting weights.

4.  Beta-Alanine

A type of amino acid. Produced by the liver as it is a natural type of amino acid. It’s responsible for nerve signal function. Also enhances your workout and increases athletic performance.

Take care of over dosage that could lead to paresthesia.

Things to remember while taking Pre-Workout Supplement-

Pre-Workout supplement is good for a focused and intense workout. But it is always advisable to consult a doctor before using any supplement, according to your health concerns. It is highly recommended to consult doctor, if you are dealing with any kind of medications

Suggested Time: Take Pre-workout before 20min of your workout. As it takes some time to dissolve into the body and hit results on exercise.

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