Benefits of Makhana to Stay Healthy- Nutritional Value of Fox Nuts

Benefits of Makhana to Stay Healthy- Nutritional Value of Fox Nuts

What is Lotus Seeds, Fox Nuts, Makhanas ?

Makhanas are also called Fox Nuts or Lotus Seeds. They are in heavy demand in the Indian market because of their healthy nutritional value and a healthy substitute for popcorn. This lotus seed or makhanas can be roasted in 1-2 teaspoons of ghee or olive oil to give them a crunchy flavour. Fox nuts are shaped from the round to the oval. When they are fresh, they are in green color, and when dried, they turn into cream to yellow color.

The dried form of Lotus seed is better, and this form is only primarily available in the market. This seed is high in demand and extensively used as medicine in China and East Asian Cuisine.

Do you know?

Makhanas or Lotus Seeds or Fox Nuts grow in the plant called Euryale Fox, this plant grows in the wetlands or ponds of the Eastern Asia. Chinese medical industry has been using Fox Nuts since 3000 years and also built a special place in Ayurveda science too.

In religious ceremonies of Indian Culture, Phool Makhana plays an important role  and it is also used as a Fasting dish which is prepared during Diwali, Navratri and other religious occasions.

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Health Benefits of Makhanas: Fox Nuts, Lotus Seeds

Nutritional Value of Makhanas

Glycemic Index of Makhana, Fox Nuts, Lotus Seeds:

Makhanas are also known as Low Glycemic Index variants of food. Every food has its glycemic index, the carbohydrate-containing food you eat, how fast they digest and raises the body’s glucose level or blood sugar level. Foods that come in 0-50 have a low GI, 51-69 have medium GI, 70 to 100 have a high GI. Food with a high Glycemic Index should not be taken by diabetics patients and people who are making weight loss. Makhana tends to have a low glycemic index and does not spike glucose level suddenly as it slowly digests. Makhana can be added to the diet for people who need to achieve weight loss goals and people suffering from high blood pressure.

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